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Porous Anodic Alumina (PAA): membranes and templates
Porous Anodic Titania (PAT): templates
Metal Nanowires (NW)
Nanoparticles (NP)
To receive MSDS of our products, please contact us at info@nanomaterials.it
State of the art
Nanomaterials applications'
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Nanomaterials for high tech applications
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Sensors based on nanomaterials
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Stem Cells and TiO2
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Metallic nanowires and polymeric composites
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Sintesi elettrochimica di materiali per celle fotovotaiche
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I nanomateriali nel mondo di domani
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Who we are: Nanomaterials.it @ HTE 2009
Nanomaterials.it staff @ HTE 2009
Partnership with Museo Scienza e Tecnica Milano - March 2010
Nanomaterials.it has started a collaboration with the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan, becoming one of the technical partners for the new nanotech area recently opened inside.
More precisely, our company has gifted suspensions of silver nanoparticles in aqueous solution. Their use is intended to show the different colors that takes the silver metal as a function of geometry and size characteristics of the nanoparticles.
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Exhibitions and Congress
- NANOTECH EXPO 2010: 10th International Nanotechnology Exhibition and Conference, February 16-18, 2011, Tokyo, Japan
- HTE 2010: November 17-19, 2010, Milan, Italy.
- NANOFAIR 2010: 8th International Nanotechnology Symposium, July 6-7, 2010, Dresden, Germany.
- HTE 2009: November 25-27, 2009, Milan, Italy.
- NANOFORUM 2009: June 9-11 ,2009, Turin, Italy.
Pore density calculation
This datasheet allows to obtain some geometrics parameters, starting from pore diameter and spacing of a porous ordered structure.
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Nanomaterials.it Srl @ NANOTECH EXPO 2011, February 16 (Wed.) - 18 (Fri.), 2011
The 10th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference
Nanomaterials.it is a tachnical partner of Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci
Visit us at New Nanotechnology Area
New catalogue on line
In the download section is now available the new 2010 Nanomaterials.it's catalogue
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